One Direction’s OTRA setlist… Well our ideal one anyway!

The countdown is on!


Are you ready to see Harry’s perfect bun and bum again in all their glory?Niall strutting his stuff while playing the guitar, Liam goofing around, all smile and shine perfect, beautiful Louis and God Zayn? No, you’re not. We’re not, but we’re in this together.

Ready or not we’re less than a month away, 26 days away exactly, from the start of the new amazing and, probably, most awaited One Direction tour.


The guys have been rehearsing a lot and been super busy putting together an amazing show during the last months but we still have no glimpse of the setlist, despite this ‘rumoured’ potentially fake setlist.

So, here at MP! we put together our ideal OTRA setlist.

What is your ideal OTRA setlist? Which song from ‘FOUR’ do you want to hear during OTRA?

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Happy Birthday Zayn

Happy Birthday, Zayn! Love Harry, Niall, Liam and Louis

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