One Direction Daily: Wembley part 3, Niall hangs out with John Mayer, new family portrait, WWA charity and new summer fragrance!

A daily 1D update from your favourite Directioner fan accounts on Twitter. Here’s the biggest stories from the last 24 hours, compiled by our friend SJ @STYLATORARMY.

Last weekend was huge for the One Direction boys, as they played at Wembley Stadium which is right next to Wembley Arena, Fountain Studios. The place where it all started!

At the last Wembley show Uncle Simon himself showed his face. Simon not only, just showed up (which is more than enough) Oh no! The man himself decided to throw the boys a huge pre-show party to which various celebrities were invited to; including the likes of Nick Grimshaw – Radio 1 presenter and also one of Harry’s close friends.

Between a weekend in Wembley and spending some quality time cleaning his BBQ
Nialler hangs out with John Mayer. That’s daily routine.
Last night Niall went to The O2 Arena to see one of his musical crushes, John Mayer. He did a selfie. Obvs.

And this little cutie looks outrageously fit! We can’t and won’t keep our eyes off Niall.

A massive ‘thank you!’ to the other lads who decided to stay at home because we sure couldn’t handle another group photo with them and John Mayer! Last time they met this photo happened and we had a serious chest pain.
To treat your eyeballs we’ve got another photo anyway! Hooorray!!!
Yesterday two new 1D family portraits from Wembley were released and we want to put them in cute frames and hang them in our HQ.
Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 09.31.57 tumblr_n6x10h28Dp1r1mrcso1_500After hearing all of that news do you feel proud? Well here’s more news to feel proud about.
While in Wembley before their last show on Sunday these good Lads spent some time with a group of very special fans in a M&G organised by Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity.
During the Irish and UK leg of the tour they raised £600,000 for charity. The band had donated 50p from every ticket sold for their dates around the country to the ‘Stand Up To Cancer’ campaign. The amount was split between the two charities.
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Summer is here and we’re dreaming of a  swimming pool of Pimms. But we have to smell good so what idea crossed the 1D marketing crew’s minds like a falling star? A NEW FRAGRANCE! ANNOUNCED BY LIAM!

This is the third fragrance from the boys and we still don’t know how they smell!

We’ve already cleared a space in our make up bag! Wowzer.

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