Liam and Louis write a new song called ‘Adeline’ with that bloke from Keane.

ENOUGH with the registering songs and teasing us already. Last night we got in all of a fluster with the news of a new Little Mix song featuring Iggy Azalea. 

Today there’s a new screengrab from ASCAP (The American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers) artists have to register songs here in order for them to get paid dem pennies to spend on fancy cars and stuff. So it’s a very reliable source.


The new song in question is called ‘Adeline’ and was written by Liam, Louis and Tim Rice-Oxley who rose to fame in the band Keane.

Enough of all this investigating though, will we ever get to hear it?!


Is this a One Direction song ready for album number five or are they trying to throw us off the scent of something here?

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