7 Very Important Things One Direction Must Do in 2015

You would be forgiven for thinking that One Direction have done every possible thing on the planet over the last four years and therefore can take a good long rest in 2015. HOWEVER, here at MP! we’ve been thinking that there are few more very important tasks yet to be accomplished and so, without further adieu, lets get stuck in, shall we?

1. Harry must develop and market his own line of hair care products.

Let’s face it: That mop of his isn’t getting any shorter, and if the utmost hair care isn’t already top of his priority list for the new year, it most definitely should be. We’re particularly looking for a range of high quality conditioners. CHEERS HARRY.

styles hair

2. Zayn’s strand of hair must get an MBE from the Queen.

2014 was undeniably the year of the arse, from Meghan Trainor’s bass to Kim K’s oil covered drinks table, but no bodily appendage captured the nation this year quite like THAT piece of hair hanging daintily over Mr. Malik’s DILLIGAF expression. Obviously the hair band and the ponytail came a close second but judging by the reactions of most 1D fans, The Strand was the one to beat. We are not worthy.

zayn strand

3. A ‘Night Changes’ interactive video game must be released.

For years we wondered what a date with of our fave 1D members would be like, and finally the lads laid our curiosity to rest with the incredible ‘Night Changes’ video, which confirmed our initial fears that the date would probably end badly, but at least it wouldn’t be us mucking it up. Phew. We now require a full interactive game in which we can choose several possible outcomes for each date based on a number of variables. We’re already getting giddy at the thought of it.

4. DJ Payno must get a Las Vegas residency.

It’s always the quiet ones isn’t it? Our beloved Liam revealed himself to be quite the knob twiddler in 2014, teaming up with mysterious dance act Afterhrs for a handful of banging remixes including an incredible reswizzle of Cheryl’s ‘I Don’t Care’. In 2015 we would like to see Payno rocking the clubs of Sin City where we will of course have VIP guest list all year round.

5. ‘Where Do Broken Hearts Go’ must be released as a single and go to number one all over the world.


6. Louis Tomlinson must open an animal sanctuary.

Mr. Tomlinson sent a million hearts fluttering when he cosied up to that monkey in the completely bonkers ‘Steal My Girl’ video and ever since then we’ve been hoping for more animal based cuteness in that vain, but to no avail. Louis could easily fund several sanctuaries and in the process provide an endless supply of adorable animal pics and gifs. The animals are happy and we’re happy. What’s not to love?

louis monkey

7. Niall Horan must release a shimmy work out DVD.

As if Louis’ brush with cute animals wasn’t enough to floor us, the ‘Steal My Girl’ video also coaxed Niall out from behind his trusty guitar with some killer shimmy moves which we still haven’t quite recovered from if we’re honest. Seeing as January is coming up and we’re all looking to work off the five tins of Cadbury’s Roses we scoffed over the Christmas period while watching all eight Harry Potter movies on ITV wearing a onesie, a Niall shimmy work out routine would be just the thing to get our tail feathers shaking and rev up those metabolisms. Or we could watch and admire. It’s a toss up really.



This is just a small selection of what we feel the lads have yet to do to gain full domination of pop world in 2015, but what do you lot reckon? What else do you want the boys to try their hand at come the new year? As always, we love reading your comments below so let us know your suggestions and have a 1D-tastic 2015!

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