MP!er Chess reviews ‘a fast-paced novel with a romantic blend’ ‘Night School: Resistance’ by CJ Daugherty

YOU REVIEW: MP!er Chess shares her thoughts on “Night School:Resistance’ the fourth book in the International bestselling series by CJ Daugherty.

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Describe the plot of Night School: Resistance in a tweet – less than 140 characters please!

Strong female protagonist learns the sad truth that not everyone can be trusted but also that some can, and opening her heart is worth it.

Have you read the first books in the Night School series?

I read the first Night School book in April 2012 when I saw it in my library and promptly purchased it from my local Waterstones. I pre-ordered and read Legacy, Fracture and Resistance on their respective release dates. I’m clearly not, you know, an obsessive fan or anything.

What genre would you class the book as?

THE GENRE OF AWESOME. That’s kind of a cop-out answer but I honestly am not entirely sure what genre Resistance would fit into – it is a fast-paced novel with a romantic blend, all the charm of an English boarding school, a hint of Bildungsroman but also a political thriller vibe. I’m also a little hesitant to genre-fy Resistance because I am very into people reading diversely, some people are dissuaded from reading great stories when they associate books with the (often dishonest) stereotypes of “romance novel” or the intimidation of “political thriller”. I would feel most comfortable saying that Resistance has all the great virtues of a complex young adult novel, and let’s face it, young adult novels are really awesome.

What was the best bit?

I don’t want to spoil anything but there is a certain moment when Allie connects with someone who is very special to her and it’s a moment I’ve been anticipating since book one. I also particularly enjoy CJ Daugherty’s suspense scenes where you’re clutching the book like, “Go back get out of the woods what are you doing you’re going to die everyone is going to die why is it dark the world is exploding” coupled with dramatically falling on the floor, writhing in a puddle of feelings, losing the ability to even, etc.

Anything you didn’t like?

There is honestly nothing I disliked about Resistance however I think I found some parts hysterically funny that probably weren’t meant to be (i.e. Allie and Sylvain at the start, “the motorcycle was like a beacon”… I can’t take car chase scenes seriously, I’m sorry). Also, the book happened to be released right in the middle of my 18 GCSE exams so I probably shouldn’t have been reading it instead of revising, but Carter West is and always will be my first priority (screw you Maths!).

Would you recommend the Night School series to your friends?

I forced several of my friends (I love you Sarah) to read the series a while ago (they enjoyed it), so definitely. Also, my friend Isaac wants to make an appearance in the fifth book if any new characters are introduced…. *cough* Isaac is a great book character name just saying *cough*

Do you think it would appeal to girls or boys more? Or both?

The story appeals to smart kids – regardless of gender. I think Resistance has a smart romance and presents a smart political dilemma so it appeals to both genders – boys like smart romances too, I swear. I do think, however, that (the protagonist) Allie’s way of thinking is more relatable to girls (or at least I thought so as a girl) but it’s really important for boys to read books with independent, thoughtful female protagonists too!

Anything else you’d like to tell us about the book?

Make sure you read the first three NS books before Resistance! This isn’t so much about the book but the author – CJ Daugherty is really interactive with readers on Twitter and I like what she has to say. You should follow her because she really does enhance your Night School experience. Also, her pets are awfully cute. Oh, and her website is very, very good and has a lot of fun reverse point-of-view scenes from the book which are beyond fabulous. You should check it out.

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