“I sound like a crazy person!” We chat to Charli XCX’s songwriter Noonie Bao.

We had a chat with Noonie Bao, the songwriter behind hits by Charli XCX and Carly Rae Jepsen as she prepares to step into the limelight on her own to release her brand new single ‘I’m In Love’.

We’re loving your single ‘I’m In Love’ at the moment but for anybody that hasn’t heard it yet. How would you describe the track?

It’s a lot of playful melodies. It’s super happy but a bit sad in a way. I wanted to write a song that was a bit destructive, about destructive love. It’s a song about how you go crazy because you’re so in love with someone and you try to change their personality to fit into that person’s world so it sounds like a really happy song but I think the lyrics are kind of sad in a way.

In the music video for ‘I’m In Love’, we see you smashing your groceries up against a brick wall. What do you think it was that made you do that?

When you get really frustrated when you’re in love with somebody, I wanted to paint that picture that I had in my head and sometimes I’ve felt like I’ve wanted to throw things at the wall because I’ve been so in love with somebody that maybe doesn’t answer your text messages and you just want to throw something. I haven’t actually done it in real life but you feel like that. I sound like a crazy person!

Some other pretty strange things happen in the music video but which do you think you’d most be freaked out by? We think it’d be pretty weird to wake up with burning candles as fingernails.

Yeah! I mean the knitting needles that were coming out of my mouth. That’s kind of a creepy picture. It was fun to shoot this video. It was three crazy days in New York, it was a lot of fun.

Noonie Bao I'm In Love

Our readers will probably know you best – without realising it – for being the vocalist behind Avicii and Nicky Romero’s ‘I Could Be The One’, which actually hit number one here in the UK. How did that collaboration come about?

I was actually a really huge fan of ‘Levels’ which Avicii released and then my publisher sent me a track, an Avicii track. I have never ever written anything on an EDM track but then I saw Avicii’s name and was like “Yeah, let’s do this!” I sent it over to them and they liked it but it took like a year, they released it after one year. I actually met Avicii for the first time a few weeks ago, that was weird. It felt like I’d known him for years but I hadn’t. We just wrote a song togther. He’s super nice.

You’ve also worked with British popstar Charli XCX on a number of tracks from her ‘SUCKER’ album. If you could have kept one of the tracks from the Charli sessions for yourself, which one would you have picked and why?

None of them, just because she’s doing them so good. They were written for her. It’s a completely different thing when I go to write with Charli. It’s her personalities in the songs. But I love ‘Doing It’ because a crazy night in LA, we went to the house together and had a crazy party and saw our friends by the pool and wanted to write a ‘let’s go crazy all night long’ song and I love that song. There’s great memories from that trip. We write a lot together and she’s over in Sweden quite a lot. We’re working together on her third album now.

The most recent success you’ve had as a songwriter is with Carly Rae Jepsen’s latest single ‘Run Away With Me’. How was Carly to work with?

Amazing, amazing, amazing. She’s such a good writer and we were just having fun in the studio, dancing to the saxophone together. She’s great.

If you could write a track with any other artist, who would you choose and why?

Hmm… I’d love to work with Michael Jackson but obviously that’s not going to happen. I’d love to write a song with Enya. As soon as I heard her music, I was knew it was something special. I’d love to do a duet with her, that’d be so cool.

Is there a song that’s out at the moment that you wish you’d written?

That’s a tough question. I love the song ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ by Gotye. I love that song. I wish I had wrote that one.

Most of the tracks that you’ve helped write – as well as ‘I’m In Love’ – are very reminiscent of 80s electro pop. Would you say that’s a sound that inspires you and you’d like to continue to work on or are there other styles that you’ve experimented with that we’ll be hearing soon?

I think that the album will be very 80s inspired. I’ve been listening to a lot of Michael Jackson, especially the ‘Dangerous’ album. You’ll be hearing a lot of 80s stuff.

Do you know when we’ll be hearing the album?

No, no, I don’t know. I’m gonna release an EP first and do the album later on. The EP will be out after the summer.

What about touring? Will there be a chance for your fans to catch you live soon?

Yeah, I hope so. I don’t have any dates yet but I’d love to come to London and the whole of the UK and play for you all.

Finally, who is the mystery person that you’re in love with?

That’s a secret!

Noonie Bao’s ‘I’m In Love’ is out now and available to buy here.

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