NOODLE SCARF? These absolute legends will inspire you to turn food into real life art

You were told never to play with your food, but…

You can’t deny, there are times when you’re flat-out busy and you just don’t have time to cook a balanced meal. What do you do? Grab the nearest Pot Noodle or packet of ramen? Probably. In 2012, a study carried out by World Instant Noodle Association (how we sign up?) showed that over 100 billion units of ramen were sold every year. And probably all to this lady from Singapore…

Cynthia Suwito is an artist who is knitting with instant noodles as a performance piece for an art gallery in Singapore. She is also the most patient woman in the world. It takes her 3 HOURS to knit 20cms.

Cynthia wants her work to balance the world’s inherent need for ‘instant gratification’. Who knew noodles, or any kind of food, could mean so much?

Well, meet Prudence Staite. She’s made Barack Obama’s head out of CHEESE.

Barack is sculpted from a single 20kg block of mature cheddar and was done as part of an exhibition at Kings Road Gallery in London. She’s also sculpted other celebrities like Cheryl and Dita Von Teese. It’s very impressive, but just imagine the smell!

Got more of a sweet tooth? Guess what these are made of!

If you guessed cake, you guessed correctly. These are the produce of a bakery in St. Petersburg, Russia. Our favourite is the Pepsi cans! We know from British Bake-off how important it is for the whole batch to look the same so we can only imagine what it must’ve been like trying to achieve that with these!

This is Song Dong from China. He’s created a traditional Asian city with 72,000 BISCUITS stuck together with a little bit of tea and caramel. He must really love biscuits…

If you could make an art piece with your favourite food, what would it be and why? Let us know in the comments below!

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