Watch almost all Niall Horan’s ‘You make me wanna tsss’ famous move. Attention: this post is PG-13

European crotch grabs were pretty intense innit

FOUR days without the Where We Are tour and we’re in a kind of hell of PCD (Post Concert Depression).

Seems like yesterday we watched the first WWA show through Vines and during ‘Better Than Words’ our favourite cherub Niall DID.THAT.THING. and all the fandom were like #NiallTouchingHisD**KHadMeLike.

Those were the days.
Now we’re here cuddle under our duvet, sobbing and missing Zayn’s high notes, Harry spitting water and Niall’s crotch grab.

In 7 months the crotch grab conquered 3 continents, 20 countries and a gazillion of fans. To infinity and beyond!

To celebrate one of the greatest moment from WWA Tour here’s 64 of the 69 Niall crotch grabs.

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tumblr_nd1nvhHK0E1rtn6zeo1_500 tumblr_nd1nvhHK0E1rtn6zeo2_r1_500 tumblr_nd1nvhHK0E1rtn6zeo3_r1_500 tumblr_nd1nvhHK0E1rtn6zeo4_r1_500 tumblr_nd1nvhHK0E1rtn6zeo5_r1_500 tumblr_nd1nvhHK0E1rtn6zeo6_r1_500 tumblr_nd1nvhHK0E1rtn6zeo7_r1_500tumblr_nd1nvhHK0E1rtn6zeo8_r1_500

tumblr_nd12svQciz1rtn6zeo1_500 tumblr_nd12svQciz1rtn6zeo2_r2_500 tumblr_nd12svQciz1rtn6zeo3_r1_500 tumblr_nd12svQciz1rtn6zeo4_r1_500 tumblr_nd12svQciz1rtn6zeo5_r1_500 tumblr_nd12svQciz1rtn6zeo6_r1_500

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