What’s on Jess from Neon Jungle’s phone?

You might be a bit young for this, but back in the olden days our favourite pop magazines used to do features like ‘What’s in your bag?’ – pretty self-explanatory, get popstars to talk about their personal possessions. We thought it would be brilliant to bring it all back (reference!) and make it modern by getting popstars to take screenshots of their phones and tell us about their favourite apps, songs and photos etc. When we got invited to go interview Neon Jungle about their new single ‘Can’t Stop the Love’, we knew had found our perfect guinea pigs…

Here’s what’s on Jess’ phone and what she had to say about it:

Jess 1

“This is a snapshot of the different apps that I use, including Shazam, Whatsapp, Instagram and this app called ASAP54 –  you can take pictures of different items of clothing that you like and it’ll tell you where it’s from.”

Jess 4

“This is my wallpaper of my two younger brothers.”

Jess 3

“This is a screenshot of my photo album, so you can see all the photos I’ve got in there!”

Jess 2

“My fourth screenshot is the last song I listened to on iTunes which is ‘Chamakay’ by Blood Orange”

And that’s what on Jess from Neon Jungle’s phone.

If you want Neon Jungle’s new single ‘Can’t Stop the Love’ on your phone (and your laptop, iPod and any other electronic device) then you can download it from next week (December 15th)


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