Reasons why we love Asami from Neon Jungle

Ichi, ni, san, kaesu, here’s a couple of reasons why we looooove Neon Jungle’s Asami. She can flap a scarf in interviews and still look cool (it’s hard to do, trust us). Neon 1   She’s super kind and caring don’t ya know? Look she even gives her best friend band mates cuddles :) neon 2   She shows people how to keep fit and lean backstage. 98, 99… 100 star jumps… phew!     n1   She’s not afraid to tell the world her true feelings.       asaminj   Or ask for a selfie with the Stylemiester. She also has awesome hair. Asami-Zdrenka-and-harry-styles   She’s an expert in one of our favourite hobbies, sleep.   tumblr_n8ukn8GuAV1qiwklwo2_250 Asami isn’t afraid of filling her mouth and spitting at people when a euphemism comes on the radio. See what we did there? mwhahah. tumblr_n8ukn8GuAV1qiwklwo6_250 You can all rest assured that fame isn’t going to her head. tumblr_n8ukn8GuAV1qiwklwo8_250   ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ is released on the 20th July

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