Amazing Album Alert: Neon Jungle ‘Welcome To The Jungle’. Check out our track by track review!

In just a short amount of time, Neon Jungle have confidently cemented their place in the upper echelons of the pop pedigree. Over the last few months they’ve quickly become one of our favourite girl bands thanks to their banging tunes and proved themselves to be some of the coolest gals in pop. Their long awaited debut album is FINALLY  out and as usual, MP! is on hand to guide you through the whole thing, track by track. Let’s get to it!


‘Trouble’ may have kicked off the Neon Jungle odyssey, but ‘Braveheart’ proved the girls were here to stay. A Top 5 hit back in January of this year, the song is a melting pot of rave horns, melancholy vocals and an assortment of the most badass cheese references this side of Marks & Spencers. We don’t think we’ll ever get sick of this song.

Welcome To The Jungle

Now, this is where we have our first problem with the album. ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ isn’t so much a song but a statement of intent, so why it isn’t the opening track on the album is a complete mystery! But we digress. Released back in April, this track was the moodier sequel to ‘Braveheart’, completing a hat trick of amazing Top 10 singles. As soon as Shereen growls “Weeeelcooome toooo the juuungle” we’re definitely ready for a party.


This bonkers anthem served as the girls’ debut single back in September of last year and it still packs as big a punch as it did when we first heard it in the MP! office. Built around a propulsive synth beat and the memorable, shouty hook “I don’t look for trouble but trouble looks for me / and it’s been waiting around corners since I was seventeen”, it’s short and sweet and gets the job done. Two and a half minutes of madness and a fantastic introduction to the fab four. We couldn’t help but be hooked.


The girls managed 3 stone cold bangers before wheeling out the obligatory ‘slowie’, but luckily it was a good un’. ‘Louder’ is a power ballad and a half, showing off the group’s considerable vocal chops and packing a massive chorus, clearly designed with industrial strength wind machines in mind. It’s a good thing we recently had one installed in MP! Towers for just such an occasion…

Can’t Stop The Love (feat. Snob Scrilla)

The ladies take a break from the bangers and tap into their softer side for one of the big sing-a-long moments of the album. ‘Can’t Stop The Love’ is a mid-tempo, summery number with the life affirming refrain of “No bullet, no gun / Can’t stop the love”, making it a perfect festival set closer at sunset if you ask us. Underground rapper Snob Scrilla’s contribution is also a cut above your usual rent-a-rapper verse. In fact, we reckon this could be a contender for the next single!

Bad Man

After a brief banger departure for a couple of tracks, the band hit us around the head with one of their most twerk-tastic songs to date. ‘Bad Man’ is a mish mash of heavy, distorted synths and dirty beats, perfect for getting down in ‘the clurb’ and throwing some dangerous shapes along the way. Booty popping is a must.

Sleepless In London

The girls sing about heartbreak in the big city in one of the more poppy tracks on the album. Urgent pianos build up to a lovelorn chorus, ideal for staring wistfully out of the window and thinking of the one you luuurve. *sigh*

Waiting Game

The only cover song on the album, ‘Waiting Game’ was originally recorded by moody electro R&B singer Banks (who we are already big fans of here at MP!) and is a top notch piece of gloom pop indeed. The girls manage to retain the angst of the original whilst giving it just the right amount of pop sheen to fit in with the rest of the album. As X Factor judge Louis Walsh would say, they “made it their own”. *groan*

So Alive

Another massive sing-a-long track, co-written by the amazing Charli XCX, ‘So Alive’ starts off with squelchy synths, skittering beats and a smattering of random Japanese words courtesy of Asami (natch’) before exploding into one of the most euphoric choruses on the album. This is definitely one for the summer playlists.

Fool Me

The girls have been teasing us with an acoustic rendition of ‘Fool Me’ for some time now and we’ve been dying to hear the final studio version. The big surprise here is how uplifting the whole thing sounds, despite being something of a Sad Face ballad, lyrically speaking. Pounding drums drive the song as the girls declare, “I don’t wanna learn my lessons” and strings swell in the background. It’s all very dramatic and the perfect way to bring an amazing pop album to a close.

MP! Rating: 9 / 10

Well, after listening to the whole thing about five times in a row we can officially confirm that ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ will be on heavy rotation at MP! Towers for the foreseeable future. All killer, no filler, it’s the ideal album to take you through the rest of the summer and beyond. Well done, ladies. Well done indeed. Time to start chopping some feta! 

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