Alarm Pop: Natas Loves You ‘Got To Belong’

Don’t they just look like five mates having a good old time singing along in grandma’s living room?

And you too can recreate this lovely scene in the comfort of your own home, once you learn the lyrics or at least learn to lip synch semi-well.

Detox lip sync

Natas Loves You’s ‘Got To Belong’ is a sun-drenched indie pop tune with a big chorus. Everything the doctor ordered to get you through this drab rainy weather.

Fun fact: The five-piece band is quite a multicultural bunch. We’ve got a French dude, an American dude, a Finnish dude, a Spanish dude and a Luxembourgish (yes, that’s what you call them) dude. No Scouse, though, which is a shame.

All members seem to enjoy singing to farm animals.

Hey ya, buddy!


You alright there, chookie?


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