My Kinda Book Club: 11th Feb. With Sara Barnard & Leena Norms, in Brighton

Thursday 11th February was a rather magical day for one of our fave authors, Sara Barnard: it was her book birthday.
Beautiful Broken Things’, her debut YA, is now officially on the shelves in book stores.

We were utterly delighted to be invited along to the launch events at Brighton Waterstones – not just the evening shindig (we’ll get to that later) but also the lovely (and first EVER) My Kinda Book Club at 4:30pm.

Fabulous author Sara Barnard was interviewed and chatted with by none other than legendary Booktuber Leena Norms. They were the most perfect pairing, bantering back and forth – Leena occasionally getting over-excited when asking questions and Sara blowing our minds with her personal anecdotes. Sara talked about what inspired her to write this perfect YA – how she’s been writing it for almost 15 years, and how she started writing ‘Beautiful Broken Things’ in the middle.

Sara’s little reading of the first few pages of ‘Beautiful Broken Things’ was wonderful. The tale of the Toblerone Shakeaway thievery was extra hilarious when read aloud.

The most exciting part of this first-time event had to be the fact that there were teens in the audience. Teens galore! Even some in their school uniforms who we got to chat with afterwards (turns out we are all major Potter fans) Some intense topics were covered in discussions between Leena’s questions: mental health played a huge part in the talk, and the delightful teen audience were all saying this subject had never been touched on at school. Shocking!

Thank goodness for a good book that covers these sensitive topics perfectly and realistically then, eh?

 Oh also, we loved the goodie bags that were available for all members of this book club:

Thank you, Sara Barnard, for your words of wisdom. We adore you, and your debut release! Congrats again on the most wonderful book birthday!

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