MP! EXCLUSIVE behind the scenes with THE TIDE!

We got ALL the BTS deets from ‘Put The Cuffs On Me’

Exclusive behind the scenes The Tide BTS

Haven’t stopped listening to The Tide’s ‘Put the Cuffs On Me‘? Neither have we. Which is why we were *floored* when The Tide reached out to us after hearing we liked it so much. They handed us a super-exclusive, one-of-a-kind behind the scenes vid, and we knew we just had to share it ASAP!


Check out the full music video here, preferably while singing along wildly into your hairbrush, please: 

Here’s the deal behind the video. 

Apparently the song is inspired by grimy superhero movies like Deadpool, and Suicide Squad – films concerned with the mental anguish of losing something or someone big after a relationship ends.
“You see these villains that are in these shows and you wonder what got thethere,” explains Austin. “What makes them that way?…We were writing about how when you’re angry and hurt like that you just stop caring and stop giving a sh*t. You start doing all this destructive stuff but in reality it’s not helping you get over it – you’re still in this prison.”

Deep stuff! Let us know what you thought of the song in the comments below. You can get the single, along with any merch, over hereYou can also take a brill Tide-themed quizz over here. And just because we don’t want all The Tide fun to stop just yet, here’s another pic before you go. Be still, beating heart.

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