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QUIZ: Build a monster and we’ll tell you how you’ll spend Halloween

This quiz is kinda creepy

Are you afraid of things that go bump in the night? Well, shake off that fear because things are about to get super spooky around here. Halloween is coming up and to celebrate we’re going to tell you how you should spend 31st October in a brand new quiz.

The quiz takes inspiration from Michael Grant’s new follow-up novel, ‘Monster’. The book kicks off where Michael’s epic ‘Gone’ series left off and explores what happens when teens morph into superheroes and supermonsters – it’s scary stuff and Shade finds herself right in the middle of it.

Like the sound of it? We knew you would. It’s the ultimate battle of good vs evil and only the bravest of the brave will be able to survive Shade’s world.

We want you to build a worthy ‘Monster’ in our new quiz. Select what type of creature you’re going to create, pick a colour, a pair of teeth and what your monster’s deadly weapon will be. Once you’re done, we’ll reveal how you’re going to spend your Halloween. Will you be going to a spectacular Halloween party or end up trick or treating with your BFFs? We’re about to find out.

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“IT’S THE MONSTER!” Shade Darby cried out, speaking to no one in particular.

The monster was a girl who appeared to be in her teens, but was in reality mere days old. She was known the world over from her first recorded appearance during which she had torn off a man’s arm and eaten it. While the man watched in shock and agony.

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You can pre-order a copy of ‘Monster’ by Michael Grant by clicking here.

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