5 reasons why we love Michael Sutthakorn – Meet your new crush

If you’re looking for a way to win our hearts over, it’s through being cute, funny and musical. That’s basically it. So, you can see why we’ve gone mental over Michael!

Michael Sutthakorn is a singer songwriter from Northern Ireland and here are the top 5 reasons as to why we love him.

1. He does amazing covers 


This is his most recent cover of the wonderful ‘Uptown Funk’ and it is bloody brilliant.

2. He loves 1D

A guy Directioner? Say. No. More.

3. He was a cute fetus….

Look how adorable!

4. The puberty Gods did an amazing job

michael S

From a cute kid into a gorgeous guy. We applaud you, Mother Nature.

5. He’s musically talented!

Voice of an angel? Check. Can play guitar? Check. He’s got the full package!

We want a Michael Sutthakorn, please.

If this has got you hooked onto Mikey, then you should check him out on YouTube, Vine and follow him on Twitter.

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