We had brunch with Meghan Trainor and talked Harry Styles, Fifth Harmony and her new music

We sent our MP! TV presenter Luke Franks off to meet Meghan Trainor yesterday at a posh hotel in London. Some people get all the luck, eh? Here’s how he got on…

Sometimes you get spam emails. Your long lost brother from Mexico needs you to wire him 10,000 pesos, you recently had a car accident that wasn’t your fault, Meghan Trainor wants to go for brunch etc

It’s worth leaving them on though because it turns out the last one was actually real. EXCELLENT.

Here I am then, outside a really posh hotel. Not quite sure how to dress for brunch but I’ve gone for tourist chic.

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We follow a lady with a snack trolley and end up in essentially the ‘Apprentice’ board room. I have questions.

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  1. What’s going on?
  2. Is this one of those bottomless prosecco brunches I’ve heard so much about?
  3. What are these mystery vegetables?
  4. Do we start eating before Meghan Trainor gets here?

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I’m too confused to eat. Meghan Trainor arrives, hooray! She’s dressed in all black, looks super cool and is smiley. There’s some talk about the cheese board, then we go in with the real questions. Here are 15 things we learnt from brunch with Meghan Trainor:

1) Meghan Trainor is super nice and friendly and fun, well done her.

2) Her dog Biggie has an Instagram. Her brother set it up as a joke, now Biggie has 25,000 followers. ‘I make him Facetime me every day’

3) She really did have to say ‘No’ in a club recently when a guy tried to hit on her by taking a photo. Except he left the flash on and then pretended he didn’t know her song when it came on. SMOOTH.

4) She gives really good relationship advice! (Even though her longest relationship was only 2 years when she was 15). If your new crush isn’t into you in a big way at the beginning, they’re not the one! Also she’s not on Tinder. Now we know.

5) She watches loads of the covers on youtube of her songs, including the one Pentatonix did recently. ‘I do #meghantrainor and I see the covers that people do!’

6) Her favourite emoji changes every day but right now it’s the diamond and the heart with the arrow through it. Strong choice. If she had to sum up the new album in 3 emojis it would be the champagne bottle, the party exploding hats and the smiley face with the heart eyes. Positive, upbeat and fun. 👍

7) Her mum is the BOSS. When Meghan wrote ‘Sledgehammer,’ she suggested she sent it to Fifth Harmony. If you listen carefully you can still hear Meghan’s vocals on it in parts.

8) She still finds it weird that she’s now friends with stars ‘I’ve been such a fan for forever of Demi [Lovato] and Jennifer [Lopez] obviously, they’re perfect…I’m still starstruck every day’

9) Every single label turned down ‘All About That Bass’ the first time around and the song that got released is actually the original demo from when she recorded it the first time around.

10) One of her favourite songs on the new album is called ‘I Won’t Let You Down’ it has a Caribbean twist, it’s totally different, it’s about her supporting and making herself proud. You go Meghan.

11) She plays her new music to ANYONE and everyone who’ll listen. ‘I’ll play it to uber drivers, I’ll play it to strangers, in the hair salon’ She watches people’s reactions to see how it makes them feel, one of the hair dressers cried.

12) She did write a song with Harry Styles that hopefully will come out soon but they’ve not been writing any more. ‘I saw him last at a party and went up to him and made fun of his hair, did you brush it today? He said ‘no’ [laughs]. They get on really well.’

13) She would LOVE to work with Bruno Mars and keeps mentioning it in interviews so hopefully one day he’ll hear one.

14) One of her most starstruck moments was meeting Beyonce, who said her kid loves her music and she panicked and offered to babysit the kids for free.

15) She once wrote Britney Spears a letter when she was a kid. She said ‘I want to be a pop star just like you and write songs just like you’ she recently met Britney’s team and might end up writing for her.

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In short, brunch with Meghan Trainor was an absolute treat. Funny, down to earth and super talented. No bottomless prosecco but there was free tea and a cheeseboard. Would recommend.

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Meghan give us the big NO when we tried flirting… :(

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