Tuesday’s pop events: Divergent Q&A in London with Shailene Woodley and Theo James, Sam Smith in Zurich, 5H still slayin’

Now we’re Four Five Seconds from wildin’
And we got three more days ’til Friiiiiidaaaaaaay!

Yes, we’re really thinking about Friday. We can’t wait for Friday.
Tuesday is giving us Friday feelings, it’s basically a fake Friday.

Massive ‘Divergent’ fans? Sheerios? Bored and don’t know what to do tonight? Jump on the wagon because we have something exciting for you!

Click da links below yeah? Innit.

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Written by Sara

Handling emotions and adult stuff like Jess Day and Nick Miller do.
I'm a bit awkward but really nice. I have a turtle called Turtle and I believe in the "You should take a nap every day".

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