MP! REVIEWS: We tried Maybelline’s new Push Up Drama mascara, and you definitely need it

Maybelline has done it again, this time with a new mascara that promises to give you the ultimate push-up effect on your lashes. We were really curious to see how true to their word Maybelline really is, so we decided to try and test this mascara ourselves and let you know our thoughts.


The packaging

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 10.34.43This is what the mascara looks like. It kind of looks like it’s a duo comb, which it actually isn’t. Slightly misleading but not something to dwell on too much! We love the colour and it definitely stands out in our make up bag.

The product 


As you can see from the photo above, there is definitely some push-up action going on! Our lashes seemed a lot curlier with this mascara and definitely had some volume going on. This is what it looks like with one coat on. We wouldn’t recommend a second coat as when we tried a second coat it seemed to be a bit OTT and not looking as fanned out and fluttery as it did with one coat.

The verdict

Overall, we think this mascara is great for volume and pushing your lashes up. We found the wiggling your wand technique worked really well for applying the mascara and fanning your lashes out just right.

Try it for yourself by picking the mascara up from Boots for £5.99! 



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