Here it is! Our first exclusive column from our new BFF, YouTube star Mark Ferris

Mark Ferris is going to be writing exclusively for us for the next six weeks, hooray! He’ll be letting us know all about his life as a social media star and the latest member of the British YouTubers inner circle. Here’s his first column… 

Hi everyone!

Nice to meet you – I’m Mark!

Some of you might know me off Youtube, if not… ‘Hey, I’m off YouTube’, haha :)

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I’m SO excited to be writing a column for Maximum Pop! for the next 6 weeks, I’ve never done anything like this before but I can’t wait to share more of my little world with you!

I’m going to start off my first entry by introducing myself a little bit, so you can get to know me a little better, what I’m about etc :)

So, I’ve been doing Youtube for about 3 years now. I started off doing a few challenges with a friend, like the tin can challenge, cinnamon challenge etc then I decided to take the solo route and I NEVER LOOKED BACK :’) haha!


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I am so passionate about making videos, I always have been. From making solo short films in my bedroom to getting my friends to act in little horror films, I’ve always loved getting behind/in front of the camera and getting creative.

If I had to describe my content on YouTube it would have to be light hearted, silly and fun. I’ve always wanted it to be a place for people to escape to for a while and for you to sit back and have a little giggle. Naturally I love to make people laugh so that’s what I aim to do in my videos… hopefully I do, haha!

I’ve just hit over 200,000 subscribers and I find I have to pinch myself on the daily, because when I started I never thought my channel would reach so many people.

I am so grateful for how things are going lately and I cannot wait to continue on with this crazy-amazing YouTube journey :)

So this has been my short little intro for you guys this week. I really hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little bit, if you want to find out more feel free to check out my channel!

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In the coming weeks I will be sharing with you guys all my current favourites, from skincare to where I love to eat! Hope you will stick with me on this and that you enjoy my posts!

Take care,

Love from, Mark x

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