Marcus Butler, Oli White, KSI, Josh Pieters and Caspar Lee did THIS together?

The best moments from the Sidemen vs Youtube Allstars footie

Last Sunday, Youtuber-turned-rapper, KSI, and the rest of the Sidemen battled it out against the Youtube Allstars in their annual charity football match. If you’re not so clued up with the world of sport, don’t worry, some of Sunday’s players weren’t either.


No, but seriously, a quick recap for anyone who needs it – this is a friendly between gaming Youtube syndicate, the Sidemen, and a changing roster of some of Youtube’s biggest stars, all in support of Childline and the Charlton Athletic Community Trust.


This year we had KSI, Vikkstar123, Poet, Miniminter, JME (check out his music – it’s AMAZING), Zerkaa, Behzinga, Wroetoshaw, Tobjizzle, Manny, Lewis, Charlie Morely, Vujanic, Nepenthez, and Bateson on the Sidemen team, while Marcus Butler, Oli White, Castro, Caspar Lee, Josh Pieters, Hugh Wizzy, Calfreezy, Callux, ChrisMD, AnEsonGib, Burnt Chip, Comedy Shorts Gamer, and JMX played for the Youtube Allstars.

We’re not sure the field could have handled any more talent. Or fans, for that matter. 27 000 tickets were sold! Among those 27 000 were a fair share of celebs. We spotted Chai Cameron, Sarah Close, Madeleine Thea, and Joe Weller – who did you see?


We’ve got you covered on all the best moments, so don’t worry if you didn’t make it. Just scroll down to find our highlights reel from the livestream:

This wink from Marcus Butler. Were we ever worthy?

Model and Instagram star, Stefanie Giesinger, is sooo lucky! Watch their latest couple’s vlog.


When we became convinced that Comedy Shorts Gamer is the only person capable of making sports goggles look cute. 

If he can do this, we’re pretty sure there’s nothing he can’t do. Time for your own eyewear brand, Deji?


The AMAZING casual goal from Youtube Allstar’s Castro!

No one thought the Allstars were going to score a goal, much less within the first few minutes of the game. Cue Castro’s incredible shot and boom! What an upset. The crowd actually boo’d. No, really.


Josh’s hair.

Just look at it. No, a proper look. It stayed that good the WHOLE time. The second we leave the front foor our hair is ransom to the elements, but Josh can run for 90 minutes straight and it looks like THIS? Teach us your ways!


The time KSI seemed to take a serious hit. But then not. But then he did? We’re not sure.

Whatever the case, it earned the Sidemen a free kick. We hope your leg’s okay, JJ!


The crowd shouting ‘We want Vik! We Want Vik!’

When it was clear that Vikkstar123 wasn’t in the starting line up or the first round of substitutes, the crowd made it very clear that they were missing their favourite. We can’t blame them, just look at those eyebrows!

Football Sidemen Allstars Youtube

Just after ChrisMD scored for the Allstars in the last few moments of the game, and we all realised the underdogs had WON!

No one, least of all the Allstars themselves, ever thought it could happen. But it did! With less than two minutes left of the game, the football-loving Youtuber scored with a brilliant kick.


And then it was all over. Were you at the match, or manage to watch the stream? We’d love to hear about your favourite moments in the comments. A big congrats to both teams on all the money raised for Childline and CAFC! Hit the links on each name to donate if you’re able.


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