We discussed being wise with ‘Wiser’ singer Madilyn Bailey and turns out she’s full of wisdom

When we first heard Madilyn Bailey’s cover of ‘Titanium’ it was a semi-religious experience. Her ethereal vocals add a mystical quality to her YouTube covers, which also include Imagine Dragons’ ‘Radioactive’ and Taylor Swift’s ‘Wildest Dreams’.

We are actually so obsessed with her that we tracked her down for a little chat about her new EP ‘Wiser’, which is her first showcase of original songs. Oooh fancy! Here’s how it went.

Hi Madilyn! Your new single and EP ‘Wiser’ are absolutely stunning. What’s one piece of wisdom you’d offer to your 18-year-old self?

Thank you for the love on ‘Wiser’. It has been a long time coming and to see such a positive response from my fanbase was incredible. I would tell my 18-year-old self that it’s OK to not always know where you’re going.  Life is gonna throw some crazy scenarios at you so make the most of them and don’t stress out so much!

Are you a gym bunny or a couch potato?

I’m a gym bunny with a couch potato soul.  It’s definitely super important to me to stay in tip top shape not only for my health but I notice a huge difference in my vocals when I’m running consistently.  But if I randomly disappear at some point through out the day I can mostly likely be found playing some video games or binging on a tv show.


We feel you, Maddy. What hairstyle do you think you could never pull off?

I just pictured myself with a huge 70s afro and I literally just laughed out loud! OR I love my hair with a little grunge to it so any style that’s a little too clean makes me want to mess up my hair.

You have a huge fanbase in France and Belgium. Would you rather eat snails for every meal for a week, or Belgian waffles every day for the rest of your life?

Being able to sing in France and Belgium has been amazing! I absolutely love the fan base there and I would definitely pick waffles for a year.  That literally sounds like my dream come true.

What was touring with Boyce Avenue like?

It was an amazing experience being on the road for the first time.  My live show has improved immensely in the few years since then and I am more than excited to hit the road and play the new songs from the ‘Wiser’ EP with my newly assembled band.


When was the last time you comically fell over?

During a performance about a month ago with my live band I almost collided with my guitar and ended getting my foot tangled in his cable.  So as I was running across the stage I did a smooth “jump-skip-kick” to avoid face planting it on stage in front of thousands of peering eyes.

Which one out of Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat could you just not live without?

Instagram without a doubt! I follow all my fav songwriters and artists so I can always see who’s working with who and what amazing art they are all creating.  Makes me super inspired to keep working hard!

Which season best represents your personality?

I’d have to say Autumn.  I love to get bundled up with a hot cup of tea by my keyboard and write about what I’ve been through that year.

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Can you tell us one thing about you that none of your fans would know?

I can try.  My fans are the literal best!  Did you know that I played the snare drum and quad tom for marching band in high school?

Thanks for chatting with us, Madilyn!

Here’s a piece of wisdom. Download and stream Madilyn’s new single ‘Wiser’ and her EP right now. Tweet us @maximumpop if you’ve found your new fave pop star.

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