MP! Reviews: LUSH Cupcake Face Mask

Since it’s Valentines weekend, we decided to treat ourselves. We took a quick trip to our local LUSH store and bought ourselves a little present.

We picked up the LUSH cupcake face mask and before we even put it on, we had to resist the urge to eat it because it smelt so good. (Seriously. Do not eat it. No matter how amazing it smells and how tasty it looks. You’ll be needing to see a doctor. Not fun.)

CUPCAKEWe slapped on a generous amount of the mask and waited for ten minutes (listened to 1D, scrolled through Tumblr and stalked 5SOS’ Twitter to keep us occupied) before washing it off completely with warm water.

The result: 

Our skin felt as smooth as a baby’s bottom and looked rather glowing. Healthy skin = happy skin = happy MP writers!

Make sure if you get this product that you keep it in the fridge and use it before it’s expiry date (it’s good for 3 weeks if you keep it fresh.)

You can get this little beauty of a product from all LUSH stores or at the website  for £6.50. Go on, treat yourself. You know you want to.

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