Our dreadlocked X Factor mate Luke Friend announces his first single

You might remember Luke Friend from the 2013 series of X Factor? You know, the guy with the dreadlocks and an adorable Kimberley Walsh face?

Kimberley Walsh

Well the 18-year old singer/songwriter is now back on the scene and he’s announcing his debut single ‘Hole In My Heart’, which he wrote with Roy Stride (a dude who has worked with 5SOS and One Direction).

It’s said to be acoustic guitar driven and perhaps, quite nicely buskerish, which sounds fine to us.

But just to be sure, we sent our friend Kimberley into the studio to suss it out and here’s what she thought:

Kimberley Walsh

Well that’s good enough for us!

Luke Friend’s ‘Hole In My Heart’ will be out on 30 March and before you ask, he’s currently busy getting the album finished too, so that should be out later in the year.

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