‘Love, Tanya’ is like a beautiful handwritten guide from a big sister or fairy Godmother.

Ever since beauty and lifestyle guru, Tanya Burr, released her book this week we have not been able to put it down! “Another YouTuber with a book?” is the first question to come to most of your minds, but hear us out, because this is one book you need in your life.

This may be the third British YouTuber to release a book, but this is completely different to ‘Girl Online’ and ‘Pointless Book.’ For starters, it’s a non fiction book and covers so many topics that pretty much every teenage girl can relate to. ‘Love, Tanya’ is like a handwritten guide from a beautiful big sister who has experienced the highs and lows of a teenage life and female problems and is now sharing her advice with us. How cute?

From growing up to love and from confidence to beauty tips, Tanya covers it all. Reading the book, we genuinely felt as if Miss Burr was guiding us through any situations we may have – whether as simple as what make up and skincare techniques to use right the way through to coping with anxiety, it’s like she’s our fairy Godmother!

There’s also a baking chapter which is so simple to follow, you can show off to your friends and family your cooking skills and conjure up some sweet treats to snack on while reading the other chapters.

The best bit is that Tan has left some pages for you to make notes of your own to keep alongside hers, so it’s like a project you are working on together.

This book is like a bible on all things typical teenage girl and that’s exactly how we’ll treat it- well done, Tanya!

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‘Love, Tanya’ is available on Amazon for £10.99 and in all good book shops.

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