Five things we want to see from Little Mix in 2015

So the Christmas decorations have been taken down and there’s a shed load of Bounty chocolates left in the Celebrations box – sad face. It’s cool though we’ve got a lot to look forward to in 2015, including brand spanking new music from the Little Mix girls. The proof is in the pudding kids… (not of the Christmas variety though sadly.)

As the girls have already made all our 2015 wishes come true by announcing this, we thought we’d be a bit greedy…here’s five things we want to see from them this year.

    1. Firstly, we wanna know how they manage to look so damn flawless 24/7. We’re beginning to think it’s kinda unfair, share some of that flawlessness yeah? We’ve got our suspicions Jesy’s hair is so big, because it’s full of secrets… So spill the beans gals, give us a few tips. Pretty please…


    1. A dedicated Little Mix merch store. We aren’t talking about any online virtual store shizz, we mean a physical shop! It would genuinely be the best thing ever. We’d drop everything, get a job there, work there forever and probably buy all the stock. Heaven. On. Earth.


    1. Call us cray, but we had this idea… The girls do a tour, but kinda come to our house, teach us how to sing, dance and then maybe let us join the band? We’re not selling this very well are we? It sounded like a good idea in our heads.


    1. If we can’t have this ‘stay at home tour’, then how’s about a signing when they release the album? This way we get to meet the girls and have new music (and you never know, in the process they may still recognise our insane vocal talents and invite us to join them on tour?)


    1. Now the last one is a topic which makes us a little sad, as we all know the Zerrie wedding has been ‘put on hold’ – bad times. If we can’t have a Zerrie wedding in 2015, we thought how about a Zerrie duet?! Bet you didn’t think of that one did ya?! It really would be a beautiful thing, please make this happen guys…

giphy-4So there you have it, five things we want to see from the Little Mix girls in 2015. What do you want to see?!

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