We reviewed LION BABE’s new album track-by-track and think you’ll love it.

LION BABE have finally released their highly anticipated album, ‘Begin’. We’ve got our hands on a copy and have written up a track-by-track review just for you.

Oh Goody

Whole – The opening track is full of laid back funk vibes and a beat which will get you drumming your hand lightly on your lap. Imagine driving with the windows rolled down in the evening summer sun with some pop soul and you’ve got this track.

Rating: 3/5 lions 

Jump Hi – A slight uptempo but perfect for chilling to, this song has an electro ambience to it. The rap really got us jamming and our hips would be swinging if we were standing up but we’re pretty lazy.

Rating: 4/5 lions

Wonder Woman – This track seems more soulful and is full of self confidence for women. Yas, gurl, you are a Wonder Woman. You got power. Praise yourself with some self love and this song.

Rating: 3.5/5 lions 

Impossible – We loved the drum beats in this song. Definitely a twerk-worthy song if that’s your thing. If not, you’ll still probably shake your booty to the rhythm, even if it’s only internally.

Rating: 3/5 lions

Stressed OUT! – A lot more electro vibes in this song and a beat to walk fiercely down the street to. Lion Babe may be singing about being stressed out, but we certainly feel stress free listening to this song.

Rating: 3/5 lions 

Satisfy My Love -We’re bringing it back with the more mellowed out sounds now and can see ourselves chilling in our garden with big sunnies as we lay out in the sun chilling, maybe with a book or just scrolling through Tumblr but thinking about bae and wondering if they really can satisfy our loves.

Rating: 4/5 lions 

Where Do We Go – This song channels 80s electro disco vibes and is definitely a toe tapper. We’re imagining the big afros, the flares and oversized earrings. That’s basically what this song would look like if it were a person.

Rating: 4.5/5 lions 

On The Rocks – The best way to describe this song would be electro soul with a pinch of groove.  And we really like it. That’s all we have to say.

Rating: 3/5 lions

Hold On – Another breezy sounding song with plenty of electronic beats which is definitely a song to chill out to.

Rating: 3/5 lions

Jungle Lady – This song takes it back to the soulful melodies and the name is a tad misleading as we were expecting as a jungle lady, we’d be hearing wild beats, but this is definitely more chilled.

Rating: 4/5 lions

Got Body – This is a body-posi song which is something everyone needs to be listening to. The beats are a slow moderate and chilled but listen to the lyrics to fall in love with the way you are.

Rating: 4/5 lions

Everyday Life – the soft, rolling beats to this song have us feeling a lot chilled. You can still here a touch of electro but just the right amount so it’s got vibes but not overpowered.

Rating: 3/5 lions

Treat Me Like Fire – another relaxed tempo song which still has enough beats to have you moving your body somehow in time to the tunes. We can see ourselves chilling out to this one in our room.

Rating: 3/5 lions 

Little Dreamer – The final track of the album is the lullaby of the record. With smooth and calming sounds, you can just lie down with your eyes closed and be a little dreamer yourself.

Rating: 4/5 lions 

Overall we love this album and think it’s refreshingly different to the big banger tracks on the charts right now. It’s full of good vibes and positiveness and you need this album on your playlist.

Rating: 49/70 lions

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