Liam Payne is still missing… Here’s 10 possible explanations where Payno is

Day 10: Liam Payne is still missing.

The 1 Dizzle fandom is really REALLY concerned. And we’re starting to be too.

We asked our baker, no he’s not Harry, if he saw him going around but no luck. So, we started to shake the worry off a bit thinking about possible explanations on why Liam’s still missing.

Here what we came up with:

1. Liam’s secretly attending selfie masterclasses. His return will be announced with a selfie masterpiece.

2. Sleeping in a toilet at Funky Buddah. Someone says “There’s no place like home”…

3. He flew back to Universal Studios in Orlando to do other ‘roller coaster interviews’.

4. Car singing around London.

 5. In a long car journey, finding out what to do during the next one.

6. Proving to himself and everyone he can sleep for a week.

7. Playing the next FIFA World Cup

8. He’s stuck in a hotel room. With NO Wi-fi. Without Niall.

9. He’s lost in Sophia’s wedgied bum crack.

10. He’s landed his acting career in a secret location, on a super secret set shooting the next Batman trilogy, starring as BATMAN. (Was it supposed to be a secret, right?)

“1 Dizzlers”, what do you think? Let us know over on @maximumpop and don’t forget to cover your whole city with Liam’s missing person AD

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