Liam Payne splashes £5.1 million on a new pad – it’s time for a Batman themed housewarming party.

So as you all may know (or maybe not if you’ve been curled up under your duvet eating chocolate, pretending it’s still Christmas) big Payno has gone and splashed some serious cash on a brand new Batcave. When we say serious we mean £5.1 million. Spare change really, ahem…


Apparently, Liam’s new lair is kitted out with ‘insane security’, with heat and motion monitored camera technology? Say whaaaat?! Now we want our Payno to have the privacy he deserves – OBVS! But if we’re honest, telling us about all this privacy shizzle makes us want to create some sort of scheming plan, to make our way into his pad to see what all the fuss is about. (It’s definitely not so that we can trick him into wanting to be best pals with us, and then eventually letting us live with him.)

So we give you our master plan. Basically, Liam is Batman right? And to celebrate moving into his new Batcave it would only seem right to have a house warming party? So all we need to do is get someone (haven’t quite worked out who yet) to suggest a Batman/Batcave themed housewarming party… (stick with us on this.)

Being a Bat-themed party, naturally it’s going to be dark, right? Throw in a ‘everyone must come dressed as Batman’ theme and our plan is well on it’s way. Basically, we’ll be able to sneak our way in and make our way past this ‘insane security’ – and you thought we weren’t clever eh?


Okay, in all seriousness we’re aware this is the most ridiculous ‘scheming plan’ in the history of…plans? Sorry, we tried – we’re now slightly embarrassed and deserve endless eye rolls and head shakes…


Anyway, once we ‘make our way into the Batcave’ we’re not sure what we’d do other than watch Liam from the buffet table, while nervously scoffing away at the Wotsits. Perhaps we need to stay away from this scheming malarkey and stick to what we’re good at…fangirling.

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