Liam Payne lets fans know he’s alive and well with these funny Instagram posts.

Fans have been a bit concerned as to Liam’s whereabouts after his lack of social media activity and just generally being MIA. There’s even been a search party for him…

But worry not, kids, because Liam has been sighted on Instagram and he’s okay! Liam thumbs

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Err, sorry to burst your bubble Payno, but you’ll probs be famous forever. We know he’s joking, though.


#fbf sure is crazy


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It seems like we aren’t the only ones feeling nostalgic about the transformation of 1D in the space of five years, either. WE WERE ACTUALLY OKAY FOR A MINUTE, LEEYUM, NOW YOU’VE SET US OFF AGAIN.

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So Liam DOES have Snapchat. It’s just not public. Oh, come on, Liam. Give us something for while we’re bored to tears with the hiatus. Share your snapchat, pls.

So, all’s good with Team Payno, though he seems a tad bored. Well, he’s always welcome to come and have tea with us one night of the week and watch a bit of TV, if he fancies a change of scenery.

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