The best 1D songs written by Liam and Louis – #TEAMLILO

You know how hard it is for us to pick our favourite 1D member- it’s basically impossible! But we can easily show a lot of love for Liam and Louis AKA the dream team of songwriting.

We’ve always loved every song the lads have released- from ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ right up to ‘No Control’, but the songs written by Payno and Tommo are so good that it can be hard to function when we listen to them. Here are our top songs by #TEAMLILO.

1. Change Your TicketChange Your Ticket

Just how much have the boys matured here? They’ve gone from wanting to stay up all night and breaking tables to wanting their lover to sneakily stay in the hotel with them for that extra bit longer. We wonder why… probably to break more tables, actually.

2. Better Than WordsBetter Than Words

Besides the fact that this song is cleverly made up of other song titles because there’s no words to describe their love for someone, this song gave us the beautiful Niall crotch move on the Where We Are Tour and destroyed our ovaries good and proper. Thank you, boys. We actually mean that.

3. Midnight Memories Midnight MemoriesThis is where 1D really started to act a bit more badass. We know they were a cute and cuddly boyband at the beginning, but they’ve grown up now, alright?! This song basically proves it and we can’t help but belt out the lyrics from the top of our lunds.

4. No Control No ControlNo control over our feels, that is. This song is literally so amazing and we desperately cannot wait to hear it live and Louis’ solo on the chorus. It’s so grown up and lacks the bubblegum pop (although there is nothing wrong with a bit of that, but this is such a bloody good change) It’s just perfect.

5. DianaDianaThis song is like a callout from the boys to the fans that no matter how sad you feel when you’re down, they love you. And our hearts burst. We always have it on when we need a pick-me-up. Niall helped write this one and it’s personally an alltime favourite of ours.

6. Little Black DressLittle Black DressWhat. A. Turn on. It sounded amazing at WWA and we really hope it’s on the setlist for this year’s tour. We were half debating on wearing a LBD to our show last year. We decided shirt and jeans were comfier, though.

7. Fireproof Fireproof 

It’s a more chilled out song but it’s just so good to listen to. The chilled out vibes and the lyrics are just amazing.

8. Through The Dark Through The DarkBasically, the same vibes as Fireproof and the lyrics are rather meaningful if you listen to them. It’s on our “chilled out” playlist.

9. Back For You Back For You

This was penned alongside Narry and was about the boys’ girlfriends and how even though they’re gone most of the time, they’ll always come back for them. And let’s be honest, it’s a tune and a half.

10. Little White LiesLittle White Lies

THAT BEAT DROP, THO. Seriously, this song is such a choon and we tend to find ourselves doing a power drop to the chorus. It’s so uptempo and a fun song and the lyrics are genius.

And to think these two used to dislike each other once upon a time.


Have we missed out your favourite? What song from the troublesome twosome do you love the most? Tweet us @maximumpop and maybe we can have a Twitter sing-a-long or something.

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