MP! Exclusive: Check out THIS behind-the-scenes PHOTO of Caspar Lee’s NEW video with LIAM PAYNE!

This is NOT a drill

You know you’re having a good Sunday when Caspar Lee’s weekly video features none other than THE Liam Payne.

We can’t say we didn’t know it was coming. Liam tweet a teaser at the end of last month:

Can we just talk about how cute he looks in a SWEATER a.k.a the least sexy item of clothing ever conceived by man? Also we’re very okay with this blossoming Caspar and Liam friendship.

The video went live last week and features Youtube’s arguably most adorable prankster offering Liam some voice lessons (the nerve!).

We’re not saying another word until you’ve watched it for yourself:

MP! were lucky enough to receive some INCREDIBLE super exclusive, behind-the-scenes photos of Caspar and Liam’s video. Check them out!

So, what occasion was the universe celebrating to gift us this little slice of heaven? Liam’s new single, of course.

Since watching him go solo after leaving One Direction last year, we’ve been waiting to hear (literally) what Liam was going to do next. We got our answer last week when ‘Strip Me Down’ was debuted top of the charts.

If you haven’t heard it yet (shock, horror!), you can do here:

Caspar has this to say to MP! about the video:

“Liam was so nice. It’s awesome making videos with such cool people. I think everyone’s gonna see what a cool person he is in the video. He’s also really funny which is a side of him I don’t think a lot of people get to see.”


We’re not quite ready to let go of a Caspar/Liam (Casiam?) duo, so we’ve put down a list of things we think they should do together next:

A road trip through the English countryside. Think ‘Joe and Caspar Hit the Road‘ but with less Joe and more Liam. Although if Joe was there, too, we wouldn’t complain.  


Present a makeover show, but with sweaters instead of makeup. We NEED to know the secret!


Surfing. No shirts on the beach, right? Enough said, then. 

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