Best start saving that ‘Money’, Lawson have a new track coming & we’ve got a preview!

Mega babes Lawson are back with a brand new song, the lads have been nice enough to share a snippet of their new song on YouTube for us all to listen to over and over (13)

Sadly though it is only a preview so we will have to imagine what the rest of the song sounds like.tumblr_mvyklezXms1s6ft4zo1_500

While we listen to 30 seconds of ‘Money’ over and over again we can’t also think about a video for the track too, as long as it features the guys we aren’t too fussed if we are honest.

4 pieces of eye candy will do for us!

The track is from Lawson’s forthcoming sophomore album. ‘Money’ will be with you March 18th!

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