Things we learnt about Lauren Platt from her @MaximumPop Twitter Takeover

So if you missed out, last week Lauren Platt took over our Twitter and you lot poured in questions for the gal. The Maximum Pop! Twitter account was could barely cope! We’ve put together this little MP! list with all the best bits we found out about Lauren herself…

She’s soon to be a fan of the Hunger Games (welcome to our world, Lauren)

She’d love to add ‘Dark Horse’ to the setlist for the X Factor tour. We wish you did Lauren, it was one of our favs!

She has a sombrero in her room… as you do Lauren

Fashion Fix: She’s loving Pretty Little Thing clothing – we need to get on this!

She loves Nutella!!! She’s one of us

We only went and blummin’ trended!

Lauren’s demands on tour includes sweets and crisps. We don’t blame you hun!

Her favourite band is One Direction. Same here!

Boys, listen up! She wants to get married in Disneyworld. Who wouldn’t though?

And then she had to leave :(

If you enjoyed Lauren’s takeover keep your eyes peeled for more in the future.

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