LARRY? Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson at LAX at the same time, together, in the same place!!

So we all know One Direction’s ‘On The Road Again’ tour kicks of EXTREMELY soon and we are all very excited about it. Every fan, everywhere is now camping out at every single possible airport terminal the lads could be leaving from for the Sydney leg of their tour.

So it was every Directioners dream when Harry Styles AND Louis Tomlinson arrived at LAX together, in the same evening, at the same time. Together.

Fans have had the best gift they will probably get in 2015, Harry and Louis sharing a plane all that way to Australia is what some ‘Larry’ shippers have hoped and prayed for, for a very long time.

We have told you before and so have the girls that everyone knows as mean, it only counts if you saw a nipple.


Harry was spotted holding some sort of yoghurt based food while Louis stopped and hung out with some fans. We don’t only have pictures of this supposed ‘Larry’ sighting, there are videos of Harry and Louis actually walking as well!

But don’t get too excited they aren’t walking together. This tour just got so much more exciting didn’t it!

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