Did Kylie Jenner just throw shade at impatient lip kit fans on Facebook?

Kylie Jenner recently brought out three new fab lip kit shades and, to nobody’s surprise, they were sold out in the blink of an eye. LITERALLY.  The struggle is real.


Fans of King Ky were obvs not best pleased about the whole situation (completely understandable ’cause we NEED True Brown K in our lives) but did Kylie just throw some mega shade at their impatience in her recent Facebook post? You decide:


Kylie’s post doesn’t seem too shady at first, referring to her fans as ‘angels’ and other adorable stuff, but when you have a closer look, it’s this line which really get us:


THE SASS IS REAL. We don’t know about you, but we think Kylie might be throwing a tiny bit of shade at the impatient fans who are complaining about the kits being sold out too quickly.


A lot of effort goes into making lip kits which sell out in 10 minutes, y’know. We think Ky just wants the factory to get a bit of love and appreciation for all their hard work.

Do you think Kylie had her sassy pants on while writing this post? Let us know with a tweet to @maximumpop.

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