Kelly Clarkson releases brand spankin’ new album art and track list

Kelly Clarkson has only gone and released the album cover art AND track list for ‘Piece By Piece’, say whaaaaat?!

We were majorly excited already by the fact that Kelly is going to be releasing her album ‘Piece By Piece’ on March 2nd. Things just got a tiny bit more exciting for us though, because the album art work looks bloody amazing!


Kelly knows how to spoil us and has also released the full track list; we can only imagine how amazing these songs are going to sound…

  1. Heartbeat Song
  2. Invincible
  3. Someone
  4. Take You High
  5. Piece By Piece
  6. Run Run Run featuring John Legend
  7. I Had A Dream
  8. Let Your Tears Fall
  9. Tightrope
  10. War Paint
  11. Dance With Me
  12. Nostalgic
  13. Good Goes The Bye

If you that still isn’t enough for you, the deluxe edition will also include three more songs!

  1. Bad Reputation
  2. In The Blue
  3. Second Wind

March 2nd couldn’t come quick enough to be honest; in the meantime we’re going to stick the amazing ‘Heartbeat Song’ on repeat.

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