Want to be the Mockingjay? Get your hair and make up on point like Katniss Everdeen

Want to achieve Katniss Everdeen inspired hair and makeup with as little effort as possible? If so, keep reading, we’ll hook you up.

Practically every Hunger Games movie, the most talked about thing is how good Katniss looks, played by our woman crush everyday, J-Law. Following the release of Mockingjay last week, and our lusting over Katniss’ hair and face overall, I’m here to show you how to achieve one of her amazing looks.



Brush out all of your hair and keep brushing it to the back, making your hair more manageable and easy to style.
image (15)

Begin a side parting, then comb your hair back to then add volume to the plait in true Katniss style.

image (16)

Starting from the end of the parting, begin to create a french plait in the hair, starting from a high angle, as Katniss’ plait starts from high to low all around her head.

image (17)

Continue to French braid the hair around the head, bringing the plait lower down each time you plait. Continue to braid around the head so the end of the plait ends on the other side of your hair, rather than the side you started on.

image (12)

Once you finish French braiding, finish the plait just as you would finish a normal plait.Your finished look should look a little like this:


image (14)


If you’re interested in completely creating a Katniss-inspired look, her makeup is something you may want to consider doing. Katniss’ makeup look is quite minimal but statement, with bronzed skin, bold eyeliner and a strong but natural brow.

To create Katniss’ bronzed skin look, I took a foundation shade darker than my normal skin and blended it into my skin so it looks bronzed and glowing.

image (1)
To create Katniss’ bronzed and defined cheekbones,  blend bronzer into  your cheekbones with subtle contouring.

image (2)
To make the conouring look more natural, use a translucent powder and blend in the bronzer so it’s not too dramatic.

image (3)
Use an eyebrow pencil or powder and fill in your brows lightly  to create a defined but natural brow look.

image (4)image (5)

Katniss wears quite a dark eye make up look, which can be achieved really easily. Start with mascara to define the dark eye look.

image (7)

Add a line of dark liquid eyeliner on your lashline to create a bold eye look.

image (8)

I finished the eye makeup look with eyeliner on the waterline and smoked it out with an angled brush.

Katniss doesn’t wear a bold lip, it’s not anything usual with action film characters so she perfectly sports a nude, glossy lip. Start with lining your lips with a nude lipliner, then fill them in with a nude lipstick and add a coat of gloss.

image (9)

You should end up with a similar look to this:

image (10)
Are you going to attempt this look? Not too complicated!
Tweet us and me pictures of your attempts at – @maximumpop @anyacahill_

Let us know if you enjoyed this tutorial and if you want to see more inspired looks, or even more of Katniss’ looks from Mockingjay!

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