Discover the stars behind new Channing Tatum smash ‘Jupiter Ascending’

‘Jupiter Ascending’ is the story of an ordinary girl called Jupiter Jones, played by Mila Kunis, who has had an endless run of bad breaks, yet dreams of the stars.

When a bounty is put on her head by a powerful family from another universe, she discovers that she is next in line for an extraordinary inheritance that could alter the balance of the cosmos.

We’ve teamed up with Astrologer Cat Cox to find out what the stars say about ‘Jupiter Ascending’ heroine Mila Kunis, her character Jupiter Jones and the significance of the day that the film is released – this Friday!

Jupiter Jones
When Jupiter Jones was born, the planet Jupiter was in ascension, and those born at a time when Jupiter rises in the sky have a natural confidence and faith in life, ensuring that she never gives up on her dreams. Being born at this time enables Jupiter Jones to expand horizons and see the possibilities before her – very helpful when being whisked away to other universes by a hunky ex-soldier (Channing Tatum’s Caine). The sign Leo, also prominent, brings an invitation to discover her inner creative self and find ways to express this, calling Jupiter on a quest for self-discovery. For Jupiter Jones, life is an adventure!

Mila Kunis
As a Leo, Mila may revel in the spotlight and confer warmth and light on those around her while, more deeply, the path in life for a Leo is towards self-discovery and finding ways to express oneself creatively. Born at a time when Jupiter conjuncts Uranus in the sky, where the urge to find adventure meets the drive to push the boundaries and limitations of life, this brings a desire to expand beyond the known limits. This pattern may enable her to go outside the familiar and discover something new in life. Basically, she’s a great fit for Jupiter Jones!

Jupiter opposite the Sun – Bigger! Brighter! More!
This week you’ll be able to view Jupiter in the night’s sky as the Earth passes between the Sun and the largest planet in our solar system – gaze up at the moon tonight and you should be able to spot it nearby! The Sun and Jupiter are a brash, confident pair and when they are at opposition, creativity, vision and powers of self-discovery are at their height, so use this to your advantage – but don’t over do it!

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