The main reason why we should be BFF’s with JLaw: Food!

Jennifer Lawrence has the whole world wrapped around her fingers with her sharp wit, relatable comments and undeniable love for food. We’re no different, we love a nibble in MP! HQ.

We like to  daydream about all the fun the two of us would have if she’d be our best friend. Oh, and about all the food we would eat.

1. She’s starts a conversation by asking the right questions.


2. She tells you how it is. Is it lunch time yet?


3. She understands that food can sometimes get you in awkward situations.


4.  We can relate to her genuine disappointment of being handed fake popcorn. That’s just wrong. 


5. This sounds like a perfect day to us. Just your standard weekend at MP! Towers.


Bonus GIF – just because we can.

Even ball gowns can’t stop her having a snack.


In all seriousness though,  we love her not because she’s not afraid to show her love for food (well maybe that as well), but because she has a healthy view on how women should be perceived and why a lot of us are struggling.


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