MP! Reviews: Jennifer Aniston takes a dramatic turn in ‘Cake’

Capital FM and Chart Show presenter Kat has joined forces with Maximum Pop! for a series of film reviews. This time round she popped down to a sneaky screening of ‘Cake’, a dramatic turn for Jennifer Aniston. Read on to see if it featured a red velvet or something.

In all honesty I can say that this is the type of film that you don’t want to go and see for a first date or if you are horrifically hungover from watching the Super Bowl the night before with friends…. ahem.

It’s the story of a young women, who after surviving a car accident but tragically losing her son and leaving her in chronic physical pain, becomes obsessed with the suicide of a woman from her support group… (you can see why neither of the above was appropriate!) so much so she tries to befriend the woman’s husband and son.

From this they could have taken quite a dark turn to it but it’s a really beautiful film and shows the motions of someone dealing with a huge personal tragedy. I cried quite a lot during this film.


Jennifer Aniston is absolutely incredible in ‘Cake’ and for once I don’t think at any point I sat there thinking “Oh that’s Rachel from ‘Friends'” like in many of her other light hearted roles she’s taken on in the past.

Rachel Green

I definitely would have maybe liked to know a but more about the back story to her character though and why she had been put into such a situation as the beginning is all but confusing and you have to draw your own conclusions to a lot of it.

Aniston was nominated for a Golden Globe for this film and although didn’t win she was 100% well worthy of the nomination. I think we’ve all finally let her move on from Rachel Green.

‘Cake’ is due for release in all rad cinemas on 20th February.

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