The Janoskians would throw tampons in a ninja’s face… as ya do lads!

The Janoskians are coming to the UK this week for Janofest at Wembley this Saturday! We managed to catch up with the guys and ask some pretty interesting questions… 


Hey guys! You’ve been to the UK a few times now – what’s your favourite thing about visiting?

The vibes of the UK are amazing! They’re different to Australia and America and all the fans there every time we go to the UK are crazy, we’re so excited for Janofest! It’s gonna be so sick because people are flying from around the world to see it, we’re so excited!

We have to admit – we have a HUGE style crush on you! Who would you consider your style influence?

We wear whatever we find on our bedroom floor! We don’t really have much style.

Have you got any favourite brands?

Probably Dirty Pig. That’s a pretty cool brand.

If you could put on any fan event with an unlimited budget for your fans to say thank you, what would it be?

We’d hire a huge plane and take our fans all over the world and see the world with them. That’d be interesting.

That’s a really cool idea! What’s currently on your most played music?

A lot of Top 40 stuff, to be honest. Stuff on the charts. Also a lot of All Time Low, Blink 182, all the old punk bands.

Your fans know a lot about you, but is there anything random or unknown about you that we should know?

They pretty much know everything! Like literally everything. Everything they’d wanna know is probably on our Twitter.

If you could audition for The X Factor, what song would you sing and why?

We’d sing ‘Would U Love Me’ by The Janoskians. It’s a pretty cool song and upbeat.

Yeah, we hear they’re pretty good! We’d definitely vote for you. What was your best excuse as a kid to try and skip school?

Sometimes we’d boil a kettle and put it on the back of our heads. Or make ourselves actually be sick so we couldn’t go in.

That’s pretty sneaky! If you were to own a restaurant, what would be your best dish to serve?

Very good question! Probably toast with Vegemite!

Very gourmet! What do you think Victoria’s Secret is and why is she keeping it a secret?

It’s actually designed by Victoria Beckham! Speaking of Victoria Beckham, our show’s coming up this Saturday in Wembley and she’s opening for us.

If you could swap bodies with anyone in the world for one day, who would it be and why?

Kanye West! He’s pretty crazy.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

We ate worms once!

Worms?! That’s pretty gross!

No it’s not! They actually taste like chicken! Put some tomatos, get a bit of bread in there… you’ve got a good sandwich!

Well, we can’t say we’ve heard that before. You’re about to be attacked by a ninja and the object to your right is your weapon of defense. What is it?

*Roar of laughter* Tampons! We could throw them in their face.

Tampons? Seriously?

Honestly, there is a box of tampons to our right. We’ll prove it if we have to!

We believe you!  Thanks Guys!

Byeee We love you!

Love you, bye!

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