Jade Thirlwall speaks out against male MPs who mocked her political tweets

We know our Little Mix ladies aren’t afraid to speak their minds. It is, after all, one of the many reasons we love them so much.

We also know they’re pretty intelligent women, which makes them even better. Jade’s latest comments on the negative response to her airing her political views proves they’re not willing to pretend to be pop puppets – they’re proud to stand up for what they believe in, even if it’s controversial.

You may remember Jade using the band’s Twitter account to retweet politician Jeremy Corbyn, stating her opinion on parliament’s decision for the UK to bomb Syria.

It provoked a lot of backlash but also encouraged support from some of the band’s 8 million Twitter followers.

Another politician, Jamie Reed, also got involved.

The people of Twitter jumped to Jade’s defence, and set Jamie straight.

In a new interview with ‘The Guardian,’ Jade is asked if she thought these politicians mocked her tweets just because they wanted to keep her quiet.

Yes, especially male MPs who like to ridicule young women for having an opinion. What I don’t understand is: they should be encouraging young people to be interested in politics and then, the minute you do, you get criticised. I think it’s a bit shocking for people when pop stars say anything out of the safe zone.

We think it’s awesome that young pop stars show interest in politics, from Beyoncé and Fifth Harmony declaring #ImWithHer to Zayn and Olly Alexander reacting to the effects of Brexit. What do you think, though?  Was Jade right to air her views on social media, even if her fans didn’t agree with her?  Let us know your thoughts below!

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