MP!’s YouTuber of the Week: JacksGap

What do we love more than seeing an attractive young man, and occasionally his identical twin on our screens speaking intelligent yet informative words?


JacksGap. Born from a love of travelling and telling a story, he’s easily one of the most creative YouTubers on the platform.

A channel originally made for Jack Harries to make videos on his gap year, has now turned into him gaining an audience of around 3.9+ million subscribers. Impressive, right?

With his diverse channel exploring a range of content e.g shed sessions (covers recorded in a shed, how amazing?), and a film made for his girlfriend as he travel across the world just to see her (pretty much the most romantic thing we’ve ever seen), he takes us along with him on his wildest adventures and shares his deepest concerns of society with us. All on one channel. Husband material? We think so…

Our video of the week is different to usual, it’s a video made from a project that Jack and Finn have created called ‘The Collaboration Project’ where loads of viewers contribute to making a video based on an important subject – This week it’s the subject of Fear.

Whats your greatest fear? Share it with us at @maximumpop and look out for the next opportunity to be part of ‘The Collaboration Project’ by following @JackHarries on Twitter.

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