MP! Interviews: Jack Antonoff of Bleachers, he’s got 2 bloody GRAMMYs, hangs out with Taylor Swift and offered us cookies.

We caught up with the fun and fabulous Jack Antonoff of Bleachers to talk being mates with Taylor Swift, having pasta as a snack and some more brilliant stuff. Of course it was super cool, the guy has two bloody Grammy’s.

You are a singer, song writer, you play the guitar and you produce music, you are a one man band all by yourself aren’t you? How long has the Bleachers thing been in production before now?

“It took about a year and a half to make the album, that was the specific time it took to make the album. There was also a lot of ideas and stuff I have been thinking about over the past five years that I kind of bled into it, it’s hard to say because it’s just been such a build up to this point.”

The album is called ‘Strange Desire’, what is your strange desire?

“Yeah, I have many some of which I can’t talk about. With the album title specifically I started thinking a lot about the choices I’ve made in my life. Everything just feels a bit odd.”

In the theme of Bleachers, in America in school you have the big bleachers in front of the sports field right? Where would you be sitting on the bleachers? Behind the bleachers with the rebels?

“No, I was right in the middle, totally in the middle, totally invisible, totally just sitting there with my own thoughts in my own head, wondering if the rest of my life would be me feeling invisible.”

But it’s not, so that’s good!

“Hopefully not, I don’t know if you ever fully shake those feelings.”

We’re sure when you’re on stage you’re like, I’m not really invisible anymore?!

I feel slightly visible then yes!

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We’ve got some names, you can only pick three. The three you would let sit with you on the bleachers. Harry Styles, Boris Johnson, Liz (Queen), Sacha Baren Cohen, Ross Geller, Aslan (Narnia.)

Harry can sit there, Aslan and Ross Geller.

You have two Grammy’s, congrats! Do you keep them in the loo?

“No I keep them in my mum’s house.”

But when people come round, do you not want to be like “oh my toilets through there! Anyone need the toilet?”

“No, it’s really cool and really encouraging but I don’t know if it’s initially good to have things around you that remind you how great you are. I think you just always then aim to get better.”

Eddie Redmayne won a BAFTA for his roll as Steven Hawkins, and he had it in his bag going through the airport on the way back and they stopped and searched his bag. He said he was secretly hoping they would get it out and they did. Have you ever taken your Grammy’s through airport secretly? Do you want to just to flash some Grammy’s?

“No, I would be so embarrassed!”

“That’s not my bag someone else packed it.”

“Yeah, I would just like run away and they’d probably like arrest me, it would be a whole disaster. The only time I really like a lot of attention is when I’m on stage.”

And your birthday…

“Yeah, or around friends and stuff like that but not in public. In public if I see someone I know, I will like hide, for some reason when I’m in public i’m not into conversation. My worse nightmare is a conversation on an aeroplane, I couldn’t imagine anything worse and just sitting down to someone being like “where you from?””

A lady with all the Grammy’s, Taylor Swift you’ve worked with her a lot. What is it like working with her because obviously she is the nicest pop star ever?

“It’s great, she’s very sincere and genuine, and one thing I love about working with her is it’s just the two of us, just two friends hanging out writing songs.”

Jack Taylor

What is her favourite snack?

“We don’t snack much, we go out to dinner, and we eat a lot but we don’t snack.”

What is your favourite snack, you must have a favourite snack?

“Edamame because you can eat a lot of it and not feel gross. It’s not my favourite tasting thing in the world.”

‘Rollercoaster’ If you could be on a ‘Rollercoaster’ with any animal what would it be?

“My dog, he’s very sweet. He does really well, he flies on planes with me.”

Can dog’s fly on planes because I was at the airport yesterday and I saw a Jack Russell and I was just thinking “is he getting ON the plane…”

“Yeah you have to get like a paper but it makes my dog really nauseous, and his tongue hangs out. I can imagine on the roller coaster he would get really cute with his tongue hanging out.”

‘I Wanna Get Better’ If you could get better at one thing what would it be?

“Being less Germaphobic, I hate it. I’d like to think about it less and breeze through my life just a little bit more.”

Your lovely girlfriend Lena is the voice of “Go” through ‘I Wanna Get Better’ She’s ventured into the music world would you have a go at acting?

“She doesn’t know.”

She doesn’t know?!

“Oh, she knows now but she didn’t know then. Different friends I would just sample their voices, get them to say things, grab it because I wanted the album to sound like my life.”

Acting? Cameo in GIRLS maybe?

“I’m in a movie coming out with Sally Fields, it’s a small scene but it was fun to do, I’m pretty busy with music.”

Last night you did a show at Shepard’s Bush, you were wearing a coat that looked like Paddington Bear’s. Do you take style advice from fictional characters?


Which ones? Favourites?

“Well Tank Girl became girl but the cartoon Tank Girl I want to look like her, I basically want to look like, kind of military from the waist down and then mid nineties from the waist up. With just like a Jewish face. Like a sketchy teenage girl or something.”

Hahaha. What’s your favourite thing to put on toast?

“Apple butter.”

(Meanwhile we are all looking very confused) Apple butter?!

“Yeah don’t you have that here? Look it up, it’s good.”


The album is not released yet and everyone was singing along, how was that?

“Yeah it’s crazy, I didn’t know what to expect and last night was nuts, it blows my mind that everyone knew everything, it’s so encouraging. It was amazing.”

You also sang a cover of Fleetwood Mac, if Christine McVie made you an honorary Sister of the Moon, how would you feel about that?

“I think good, but I would want to be able to get out if I didn’t like it, like a trial period.”

Would you rock the moon necklace as well?

“I would try anything for the trial period, I would go all the way.”

There was a part of the show where you basically had a guitar VS saxophone moment. We want to hear more sax in your songs.

“Yeah, that was cool. Next record.”


“Just sax.”

I can play the recorder?

“You can? I’ll call you.”

Got UK festivals coming up, are you going to any, are you playing any?

“Yeah we are playing a few, but I don’t think I’m aloud to say which ones yet because they haven’t been announced.”

As you were previously in the band FUN, on a scale of one to fun, how much was this?

I had the most fun I’ve ever had last night, that was one of my favourite shows ever so, all the way. Nice to meet you guys.”

He’s friends with T Swift and offered us cookies before we left, nicest guy ever!

Bleachers debut album ‘Strange Desire’ is released on the July 6th in the UK, and it’s a fricken stonker!

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