MP! Reviews: IV Rox ‘Imperfections’ EP

So a couple of months ago we introduced you sassy little sausages to a pretty darn amazing girl group who go by the name of IV Rox. The group consists of Dolly, Nadine, Natalie and Raquel, and since being premiered on DJ Target’s 1xtra radio show, there’s been no stopping them.

If you need a little reminder of how bloomin’ fantabulous they are, check out their track, which they teamed up with Ghetts for – ‘Down 4 Me’.

Obsessed with them now? Us too… Well it’s good news, as the girls literally just dropped their EP today, titled ‘Imperfections’. Well that’s one thing we certainly didn’t come across when listening to this EP – flawless.


‘Down 4 Me’ features first, we’re in love with this infectious track, we’ve even tried learning the Ghetts parts – it’s a bit of an embarrassing attempt though…

We’ve got to say ‘Under The Bridge’ is probably our fave song on the EP (it’s kind tricky to pick though, we seem to change our minds by the minute?!) If you love a good poppy/R&B tune, then you’re most likely going to fall in love with this track like we have.

‘Grenade’ does not only feature a seriously catchy beat, but showcases insane vocals from the girls. If you’re looking for a new getting ready to go out song with the girls, or just a song to get you hyped, then we’ve found your new jam! The lyrics for ‘Imperfection’ are A+ and we can only imagine how darn amazing this song would be live. Please announce a tour soon girls…

‘Case of The Ex’ features on the EP too, the girls released a video for it last year and we haven’t stopped listening to it since to be honest. Take a cheeky listen for yourself right now!

‘Badder Than a Mother’ is the next track, and features BBC sound of 2015 nominee, Stormzy. This is one hell of a tune and we’re rather pleased to hear it’s going to be the girls’ next single, out on March 9th.

And last but most definitely not least, the final track on the EP is titled ‘Better Than Your Girl’. This song has sass written all over it, from the vocals to the catchy beat, we can’t stop listening to it!

It’s fair to say this EP oozes girl power, insane vocals and some seriously contagious beats. What’s not to love? It available for your beautiful little ears to enjoy right this second, so we recommend you go get it…unless you enjoy missing out of course. With their new single ‘Badder than a Mother’ on its way, we reckon these girls are the ones to watch this year. Who else is going to be keeping their beady little eyes on them?

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