Introducing: Petite Meller ‘Baby Love’ – Is she actually having giraffes in her video?

This might just be the most eye-popping and amazingly quirky video we’ve seen so far this year.

Meet young singer/songwriter Petite Meller, who is pushing a new single titled ‘Baby Love’.

To your ears, it sounds like a vibrant school girl tune with hand claps, bongos, hyperactive house keys and jazzy saxophones. To your eyes, you have to simply see this video to believe it.

Shot in Africa, we see a pair of giraffes roaming the lush lawns with Petite Meller then cut to her dancing wildly with school children and percussionists, and a flock of flamingos.

It’s definitely not your average indie-pop video, that’s for sure. We are wild about it, pardon the pun.

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