MP!er Hayley shares her thoughts on ‘Insurgent’ by Veronica Roth. ‘The author knows how to keep her readers turning the pages’.

YOU REVIEW: This month we’re delving deep into the YA dystopian fiction ‘Insurgent’ the second book in the ‘Divergent’ trilogy by Veronica Roth. MP!er Hayley shares her thoughts below.

INSURGENTUK_B Format_CVR.inddDescribe the plot of ‘Insurgent’ in a tweet ­ less than 140 characters please!
The Erudite simulations leave the factions fighting and Tris and Four need to make decisions which could put their own romance in jeopardy.

?Have you read the first book in the ‘Divergent’ series?
?Yes, I have read ‘Divergent’ and I loved it! Veronica Roth, the author of the ‘Divergent; series, knows how to keep her readers turning the pages. ‘Divergent’ is action packed with a hint of romance. I highly recommend reading ‘Divergent’, especially if you have seen the movie.

Have you seen the movie adaptation of the book? If so do you think the characters were portrayed well?
?I have seen the movie adaption of ‘Divergent’. I mean how can I complain when Theo James was cast as Four? I have absolutely no complaints since I get to look at him for 2 hours.
?As far as Tris goes, I absolutely love Shailene for this part. Technically, Shailene is a little too ?pretty to portray Tris, but who really cares? Not only do you get to have Shailene Woodley and Theo James in ‘Divergent’, but you also get to have Ansel Elgort who plays Caleb. Most would know Ansel as the adorable Augustus Waters from ‘The Fault in Our Stars’. So we have Theo James, Ansel Elgort, Shailene Woodley, and then they throw in a little Miles Teller as Peter. This cast was absolutely amazing and yes, I think that they picked great actors to portray the characters.

Without giving anything away, does the ending make you want to read the next in the series?
Absolutely! ‘Insurgent’ leaves you with a cliffhanger. It leaves you curious, excited, but also massively confused, so naturally you just want to pick up ‘Allegiant’ and continue reading.

?What genre would you class the book as?
?Young Adult Fiction, Action/Romance. Having said that, this book can be appreciated by people who are not in their teens as well. I know for a fact that one of my high school teachers LOVES this series, so it is not only for teenagers.

What was the best bit?
?Well, I am a fan of romance, so my favorite moment would have to include Tris and Tobias (Four). I love this moment that they have in an Abnegation house when their worlds are rapidly changing and Tris is struggling to accept the fact that her family is actually gone. While Tobias is helping Tris clean up, he leans in and tells her, “I’ll be your family now.” Those are simply the five most romantic words ever spoken. I can already picture them coming out of ?Theo’s mouth and yes, I am excited. I also love this moment when Peter redeems himself and some of the poor decisions that he made in ‘Divergent’.

?Anything you didn’t like?
I would like to say that I did not like some of the secrets that we find out about Caleb, but they keep the book so suspenseful and surprising. I think that I actually just don’t like picturing Ansel Elgort as the bad guy. In reality, this book really does not have anything that I didn’t like. The pace was a little slow at moments, but then it picks up and you forget that you were ever impatient.

Would you recommend the ‘Divergent’ series to your friends?
Yes! I already have recommended it to multiple friends and have only heard good things back. My sister recently borrowed my copies of the series to read, and she loved it! She read all three in a rather short time frame, and is officially a fan of not only the movie, but also the novels that inspired it.

Do you think it would appeal to girls or boys more? Or both?
I think what is so awesome about this series, is that it appeals to both. The guys get all of ?the action and fighting and the girls get the beautiful romance between Tris and Four.

Anything else you’d like to tell us about the book?
Roth chose to set ‘Insurgent’, as well as the entire series, in a future, more destroyed Chicago. Veronica is from Chicago, and so am I. So it is really cool to be reading these books and come across “Wacker Drive” and “Madison Avenue.” These are all places that I know and I can easily put myself in the book. I picture them running from one faction to another and I feel like I am with them, since they are in my city. I love that the Candor headquarters is the Merchandise Mart or as they like to call it “The Merciless Mart.” I get to add a really cool
perspective being from Chicago, but you do not have to be from here to love these books. I suggest that everyone picks up ‘Insurgent’ and reads it, because they will not regret it.

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