Alarm Pop: In Hindsight ‘Sweet Valentine’ – Boys, your love is better late than never!

So the roses are wilting and chocolates long consumed but the sweet sheen of Valentine’s Day need not die just yet. No, not when In Hindsight is around!

This UK indie pop band is here to charm your socks off with a lovely little tune called ‘Sweet Valentine’..

Musically, they’re giving us a little Bruno Mars meets Fall Out Boy and Maroon 5, and we like it.

If only those guys were just as good as In Hindsight in the rose petal sprinkling department.

In Hindsight Sweet Valentine

We want them to follow us everywhere, sing and throw petals over our heads. That won’t get annoying at all, would it?

In Hindsight Sweet Valentine

Check out In Hindsight’s ‘Sweet Valentine’:

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