Here’s why you should be gutted you missed Key 103 Christmas Live

Christmas is a time for living the lush life (to quote Zara Larsson). It’s a time for parties, a time for eating EVERYTHING. Yeah everything! And it’s also a time for amazing live music and one of the best shindigs you can attend is Key 103 Christmas Live!

The Manchester based event is an annual blast of poptasticness with some of the biggest acts in the world taking to the stage. This year’s line up included The Vamps, Busted, Louisa Johnson, Sigala, Sigma, Robbie Williams, Jonas Blue, JP Cooper and Blossoms.

This year ‘X Factor’ winner Louisa Johnson kicked off the festivities in style with her hit single ‘So Good’.

But she revealed backstage that she is glad that Matt Terry will be taking over responsibility as the last ‘X Factor winner’ from her:

“Everyone just calls me by the name X-Factor winner.  So I’m kind of happy that I can be called by my real name.”

She also let us know that she’ll be hitting the champers hard at Christmas and scoffing loads of chocolate for breakfast. Our kind of girl.

We have to admit that our fetus selves’ hearts did skip a beat when Busted took to the stage. All the childhood feels.

Their new single ‘On What You’re On’ is ALL! They also chatted about a weird incident involving a creep bunny, and things got weird fast…

Matt Willis:  On my 21st birthday we were in Japan and we were playing this show.  I knew it was going to be my 21st when we were out there, I talked about it loads.  I probably dropped I reckon 50 hints about a watch.  I was like I never get a watch, I’ve never had a good watch, really wish I had a nice watch.  So many hints it was ridiculous.

Charlie Simpson: We didn’t hear it.

MW: Instead they bought me this cuddly toy.

James Bourne: It wasn’t a cuddly toy.

MW:   … it’s a bunny rabbit, right, it’s a bunny rabbit in a top hat and a tuxedo…

CS: It was not, just to clarify, it was not one of those cheap cuddly toy things that you win a fair. It was really expensive…it was like thousands of pounds this bunny rabbit.  There was like, one in the world, ever.  It was a one off.

MW: They went to this amazing Japanese toymaker woman and made her get me this one off kind of bunny rabbit.

JB: But what a great thing to remember.

MW:  The bunny rabbit is in my house, but he’s in the attic because my wife is terrified of the bunny rabbit. She says wherever she is in the house she can feel it looking at her. But he was in my flat for years, he has seen some great times.

Watch the full interview here:

We were also lucky enough to see one of our fave boybands The Vamps. TBH we couldn’t love them more.

They also revealed who they want to kiss under the mistletoe this Christmas and tbh we aren’t surprised one bit.

It’s none other than this dangerously fabulous diva!


We were also treated to a performance by veteran superstar Robbie Williams who also opened up about his struggles with anxiety, which has become more and more frequent amongst stars like Zayn and Camila Cabello.

“To young Zayn, well he’s kind of been pulling out of promo and stuff.  And I know that he suffers with anxiety.  And I think that, the one bit of advice, I know it’s a bit therapy speak but I think that people sort of assume that one day you’re gonna find your confidence and you will step into that confidence and it will find you.  It doesn’t come but what you can be is brave.  So, I would say to Zayn, just be brave mate.  Just be brave. You might never be confident but you can be brave.  That’s I’ll say. Even if you’re scared just do it anyway.”


You can already get tickets for Key 103 Summer Live here!

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